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Whenever we buy a house, I'm thinking we need an extra room so that @Joshua Tribble can do this!

Funny pictures about Every gamer's dream. Oh, and cool pics about Every gamer's dream. Also, Every gamer's dream.

Words of wisdom found in math formulas

Not much of a math/ physics person but this is cool. Words of Wisdom found in Math Formulas

Warhammer: The Lonely Templar by BlondTheColorist

Warhammer: The Lonely Templar Created by Blond The Colorist


Templar Knights are thought of as elite fighters so I chose this picture because it is sort of a modern-day, almost Ironman like, portrayal of what an elite Templar knight would look like

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More encouraging words from your friendly local neighbourhood Supreme Governor, Februss Calcaerius, ready for this weekend's Darkfall Campaign Weekend.