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Wine Infographic - How Red Wine is made. "The Marketplace for Adults with Taste!" @LiquorListcom #LiquorList

Awesome illustrations by Jelle de Roeck on Wine Folley: " See how red wine is made with an easy-to-understand infographic. How is red wine made? Harvest grapes, smash them up and watch as yeast turns grape sugar into alcohol!" How is Red Wine Made?

Greek Lamb Stew and Wine Pairing for Wine Pairing Weekend. #winePW #wine

Greek Lamb Stew recipe has tender meat and delicious Mediterranean flavors. Pair with a Greek red wine for a perfect dinner! and Wine Pairing for Wine Pairing Weekend.

Wine Pairing Basics: Two No-Fail Tips - The Juice | Club W

Pairing food and wine shouldn’t be rocket science. More than anything, it has a lot to do with personal taste, which means there are no cut-and-dry rules