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Keith Wint, better known as Jah Benji Maccabees (Keith Wint, Born March 1955, in the Parish of Coleyville, Manchester Jamaica]), is a Jamaican/British record p
Keith Wint
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Little Roy began his career at the age of 12 years in 1965 recording a few unsuccessful tracks with producers Coxsone Dodd and Prince Buster.

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Charjan UK MC from Tottenham Foundation sound man produced by Keith Wint For Maccabees Music Publishers, Backed by the Darbaz Band

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This image is a reflection of my alter ego! Oozing opulence, each element is thoughtfully styled with care. The subject has an Emperial quality which leaves me feeling mesmerised by her status.


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Chief Obafemi Awolowo was a Nigeran Nationalist, a political leader. He was a 'strong' participant in the struggle for Nigeria's independence.

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The struggle for Africa’s independence from its colonial rulers has always been centred on land and the natural resources beneath. For decades its resources were looted by these imperialist terrorists.