Hadrian's Wall, Northumberland, UK... surprises me the amount of people who don't know it

Top 10 Best Places To Visit in Great Britain

Hadrian's Wall in England was a defensive fortification in Roman Britain, begun in AD 122 during the rule of emperor Hadrian. In addition to its military role, gates through the wall served as customs posts

Edge of the world. Beach head chalk cliff southern England.

WORLD’S EDGE aka Beachy Head Chalk Cliff. It is on the south coast of England. The cliff is the highest chalk sea cliff in Britain, rising to 162 m ft) above sea level. Its height has also made it one of the most notorious suicide spots in the world.

Robin Hood's Tree at the Sycamore Gap at Hadrian's Wall | Darby Sawchuk

Sycamore tree in Hadrian's Wall, made famous in the movie 'Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves', starring Kevin Costner and Morgan Freeman

Porthcurno, Cornwall - 21 UK beaches to visit

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Dunwich Heath, Minsmere, Suffolk. 10 of the UK's best hidden beaches for the weekend.

10 of the UK's best hidden beaches for the weekend

Merlin's Well, Cornwall, England;

St Nectan’s Kieve~The waterfall in St. Nectan’s Glen has been described as one of the ten most spiritual sites in the country. Also known as Merlins Well~Cornwall, England

Dungeness Under The Milky Way © Ian Hufton

Fishing boat on the beach at Dungeness in Kent. Shot at night under the Milky Way.