Welcome back to the Virtual Book Club for kids! This month’s book crafts for kids are inspired by Julia Donaldson books. I chose Stick Man, which my kids have just loved! I wanted to mention that I do include affiliate links in this post, which means that if you buys something via these links my …

Recycled Stick Man Book Crafts for Kids

Going on a Stick Hunt {Inspired by Julia Donaldson’s Stick Man}

Going on a Stick Hunt {Inspired by Julia Donaldson's Stick Man

We love this simple scavenger hunt you can do with the little ones to find Stick Man! It builds language skills whilst also being fun and engaging. And then you can read or watch Stick Man afterwards!

Stickman costumes backstage

New Sherman 5 experiences ‘Stick Mania’ at the Sherman Theatre

Stick Man

Stick Man

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