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Crafting Must Have | Craft Mat | Kids Craft Mat | Clean Craft Room
Extract an image from a magazine
Vintage inspired Mushroom purse
some cut outs are shown with scissors and other things to make it look like they have been
Thought someone might wanna try this
a glass jar filled with lots of paint and brushes
Create Your Own Paint Brush Cleaning Container
'Create Your Own Paint Brush Cleaning Container...!' (via HubPages)
a wooden shelf with various items on it and some paintbrushes in the background
Taborets | BLICK Art Materials
Mobile taboret | This would be just smashing in antique wood.
This Artist Takes Bubble Art To the Next Level
a plastic container filled with different types of knitting needles
Ceramic Arts Network
Art room brush holder:
spray and squeezeeze art is an easy way to teach kids how to paint
Recycled Spray and Squeeze Art Painting with Kids. Create amazing abstract art from recycled bottles and to paint on cardboard or fabric.
three pictures of different types of paint and brushes
Bright Colors Flip Cup with Black Gives Surprise Results
Bright colors plus black used in an acrylic pouring flip cup gives beautiful muted and subtle color scheme. Video tutorial on how to make cells with an acrylic pour.