Love this idea! Build a bug activity. To use with our microscope bug slides in spring!

Explore Insect Compositions with tangible materials, reference books and Reggio-inspired setting. (via Imagine Learning Center)

Cheerio #Worms and other worm projects for #toddlers and #preschool

Cheerio Worms - Simple Fine-Motor Skills Activity for Toddlers and Preschoolers - Mamas Like Me Fine motor skill activity during Apple theme

Always good to find something different to do with a Tuff Spot. Great for motor skills and also talking about textures and materials. (missamyp)

Tough spot weaving- develops gross and fine motor skills, problem solving, pattern creation, concentration skills

Students loved constructing "beanstalks" as content connection activity to Jack and the Beanstalk.

Roll and Count: Kids will roll the dice and place that many froot loops on a skewer. Whoever fills theirs first, wins

What a stunning preschool art and science investigation! Perfect for a Spring Flowers theme.

Invitation to Draw Spring Plants

Make a magical sensory tray for mark making and early writing using homemade fairy dust and exciting added extras! Such a fun way to ignite the imagination and enthusiasm for young children as they learn their letters and sight words in a playful, hands-on way!

Sensory Writing in Fairy Dust

Make a star dust sensory writing tray to create a magical and exciting early writing experience for young children! Fine motor skills and sensory play too.