Cabbage Patch Doll - DIY Halloween Costume This is soooo cute I had to pin it!!!!

Cabbage Patch Doll - Halloween Costume Contest at

He-Man and She-Ra - two of my favourite characters from my 80's childhood and also favourites of Harry and Molly

He-Man and She-Ra. I watched He-Man, but for some reason, I wasn't into She-Ra at all. I barely remember her.

This was one of my favourite TV shows as a child, I loved he could change his head - "I'll just put me thinking head on" - and Aunt Sally, just perfect!

You wear it well, Worzel, er... Rod

Worzel Gummidge and Aunt Sally. My fave childhood programme :)

I found the pattern!  This is the cabbage patch doll I had as a kid! So excited to do this!! @Dana Mosby-Brown

How-To: Crocheted Cabbage Patch Doll Hat

How cute and funny is this Crochet Cabbage Patch Doll inspired hat from Repeat Crafter Me! Reminds me of my first cabbage patch doll :)

Strawberry Shortcake Doll and Pet Custard! (Where's Lemon Meringue?)

Strawberry Shortcake Doll and Pet Custard-best Christmas ever. I got the Strawberry House, her boy Huckleberry.

PLAYSCHOOL Jemima, Hamble, Big Ted, Little Ted and Humpty. The round window, the arched window (my favourite!) and the square window....

TV - Playschool - Little Ted, Jemima, Humpty, Big Ted and Hamble.

Button moon - one of my favourite kids programmes.

100 Things We Love About The 80s (Part 2)

She-Ra - Princess of Power The girl's he-man!!! Remember playing this in the playground :)

She-Ra: Princess of Power. I sometimes still shout "She-ra Princess of Power" when I solve a problem at work. My boss, who is younger than me, doesn't get the reference.

We've been to button moon, we followed Mr spoon, button moon.....button moon!

Button moon: One of the ealiest programmes i remember watching when i was little. Bunch of characters made from kitchen utensils go to the moon, thats its. When i was a tiddler i thought it was just great. "off to button moon" :)

Early elementary lesson plan using the book Dem Bones

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Pob- the most annoying kids TV ever, but the only kids show on TV on a Sunday!

Pob- I really did not like pob. I thought he was quite revolting to put it bluntly. My revulsion for a certain Tory mp intensified when I realised he was a dead ringer for Pob (I am reluctantly looking at you Michael Gove)