Cabbage Patch Doll - DIY Halloween Costume This is soooo cute I had to pin it!!!!

Cabbage Patch Doll - Halloween Costume Contest at

This is my daughter Ellie Mae wearing her cabbage patch doll costume! My husband came up with the idea of putting Ellie in some kind of doll outfit for Halloween and right away I thought of the cabbage patch.

He-Man and She-Ra - two of my favourite characters from my 80's childhood and also favourites of Harry and Molly

He-Man and She-Ra. Did anybody else watch these as a kid? They weren't on when I was a kid but my mom made me watch a bunch of older cartoons. Probably why I prefer Thundercats and She-Ra over modern cartoons.

This was one of my favourite TV shows as a child, I loved he could change his head - "I'll just put me thinking head on" - and Aunt Sally, just perfect!

You wear it well, Worzel, er... Rod

Worzel Gummidge and Aunt Sally one of my favourite childhood programmes

I found the pattern!  This is the cabbage patch doll I had as a kid! So excited to do this!! @Dana Mosby-Brown

How-To: Crocheted Cabbage Patch Doll Hat

How cute and funny is this Crochet Cabbage Patch Doll inspired hat from Repeat Crafter Me! Reminds me of my first cabbage patch doll :)

Button moon - one of my favourite kids programmes.

100 Things We Love About The 80s (Part 2)

She-Ra - Princess of Power The girl's he-man!!! Remember playing this in the playground :)

She-Ra: Princess of Power. I sometimes still shout "She-ra Princess of Power" when I solve a problem at work. My boss, who is younger than me, doesn't get the reference.

Early elementary lesson plan using the book Dem Bones

Shoulder bone connected to da neck boneNeck bone connected to da head boneDem Bones, Dem Bones, Dem Dry BonesColorful torn paper collages bring to life this classic African American spiritual. The frolicking skeletons will captivate