FREE CUSTOMIZABLE WOODLAND BOOKMARKS~ For best results, download this file to see the editable text area. Type in any name or saying to customize these cute bookmarks. Laminate for extra durability.

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These Printable Woodland Creature Bookmarks are completely free of charge for you to print out and are the cutest way to keep your place in a book. You can give one of these free bookmarks to every member of your family.

Tea bags dipped in wax with photocopied images trapped inside

Tea bags dipped in wax with photocopied images trapped inside - use as collaborative project to collect different tones from they greyscale range and present as a class

The piece above was made using the technique of wax-teabag trapping. A large image is cut into many smaller images and then placed into individual tea bags. The teabags are then glued together before an iron is used to melt wax onto the teabags to permanently seal them inside. This creates a fragmented image that has an unusual frail and distressed quality to it.

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Additive composition: each piece stands alone as an abstract component, yet combined comprise a larger idea, a bigger more complete picture.

pretty pretty and easy easy. reminds me of childhood projects. you could use any theme shape you wish.

Cute DIY Nursery Ideas

Crayon hearts (or any shape you like) uses wax paper & crayon shavings. Beautiful in a sunny window.

Wax trapping

Wax trapping

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