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an art piece hanging on the wall with many different colors and shapes painted on it
Rex Ray mini installation. A great idea for class project. I love rex rays collage work. Gratefully inspired by his work. So sorry he is gone....
an abstract painting with white, blue, yellow and green strips on top of each other
knip knap
Paper collage inspiration: collage by Amy van Luijk
three black birds sitting on top of a piece of paper
"Rook Stack II" Charcoal on collaged card By artist Hannah Thomas
an abstract painting with circles and lines
Joan Miró. Collage (Composition with Wire). Montroig, late July–early October 1929
an art work with many different types of paper
Marlborough Gallery
Stephen Talasnik
an apple is sitting on top of some fabric
Magdalena Godowa Stitched textiles & paper collage.
two people with colorful umbrellas standing in front of an art work that is collaged together
"Rain II" by Danny Amazonas.All pieced with Kaffe Fassett fabrics. I would love to have a go at creating something this exquisite :) . . .
an abstract painting with a guitar, bottle and other items on it's surface
Georges Braque - 244 artworks - painting
Georges Braque | The Bottle of Marc (1930)
a painting with two women standing next to each other and one sitting on a chair
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an abstract painting on top of a piece of paper
Princeton New Jersey, Events, Things To Do, Guide, Restaurants, Stores
I thought this piece was a great representative of the element shape. There are different objects in the piece that different shapes going right through them. Color and shape separate the objects giving it an abstract effect.