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Page 17 of 19 - The Red Sorcerers of Prospero: Exiles of Osiris - posted in + AGE OF DARKNESS +: Stunning, simply stunning. Youve captured perfectly the grace and nobility of the sons.

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Amadeus Volkstein - Volkstein was once a Loyalist Librarian Epistolary known as Vanneus before being corrupted by the promise of knowledge and power offered by Tzeentch, and now leads the Renegade Chaos Space Marine warband known as the Oracles of Change.

Pre Heresy Thousand Sons Sorceror, Painted by Proiteus

I took the Thousand Sons to Open War this weekend and they were well received by players and did surprising well given their lacking numbers and mobilit. Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons Sorcerer

Chaos Sorcerer Conversion

Checkout this completed Chaos sorcerer conversion from the Age of Sigmar!

40k - Ultramarine's Flamethrower by vdaiev

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