If you're keen on having real flowers, try using baby's breath.

Quilted blue wedding cake.

Top 20 wedding cake idea trends and designs 2017

Royal blue wedding cakes: designs and decorations! : Royal Blue Wedding Royal blue wedding cakes: designs and decorations!

101 Gorgeous Wedding Cakes

Elegant vintage cake with gorgeous pink and green flower accents. Now this is one cake I really could sink my teeth into! Love the uneven frosting and fresh flower combo - has a beautifully rustic and country vibe.

7 Alternative Wedding Cake Ideas That Are Unique + Yummo!

10 Alternative Wedding Cake Ideas that are a little bit different and a whole lot of yummy! This great Grey and White Cake is stunning and would look beautiful at any wedding.

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Inspiration Board: French Blue Wedding Theme

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Topper to cut and minis to serve. this idea is mindblowing :-) What about vintage decorated mini-cakes instead of cupcakes? Put cupcakes on table around cake & mini-cakes? Yep loving that idea!

Brownie wedding cake

Brownie wedding cake - 20 amazing alternative wedding cake ideas

Brownie wedding cake - 20 amazing alternative wedding cake ideas - Is there ever a time not to have a chocolate brownie? A chocolate brownie wedding cake just makes so much sense;

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You understand; the church, the expensive frilly gown, loads of flowers and the big reception party. Check out online shops for more larger options. You can develop one poster with columns that display various years or years.

Silhouette cake

36 Wedding Cake Ideas with Luxurious Details

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Love this spring-themed wedding cake with colorful flowers weddingcake springwedding cake wedding flowers