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Finally! An Elf teaching kids how to behave......Never made any sense to me to preach to your kids about being good...only to have a naughty elf teach them to be...well...naughty.

"Keep cleaning, Buddy, keep cleaning!" This would be good for the day after shaving cream or lipstick on the mirror! Elf on the Shelf ideas

Halloween Olaf pumpkin. Learn how to make your own!

OLAF PUMPKIN-CARVING TEMPLATE Create your own jack-o’-lantern inspired by the lovable snowman from Disney’s Frozen. The great thing about this version of Olaf? He won’t melt.

Handprint Vampire Halloween Craft for Kids #Dracula |

Handprint Vampire Halloween Craft for Kids - Crafty Morning handprint vampire crafts for kids! It's a fun halloween art project for kids to make. Should you appreciate arts and crafts you actually will love this website!