Identity crisis? No, I'm a male nursery teacher!: Racing to understand place value in EYFS

MEASUREMENT understand place value in EYFS. But, for preschool, simply measuring the distance traveled. closest to the tube, furthest, etc.

Washing line over the water tray - by Tom Bedard (",)

not a very attractive water tray - but the idea is good. Washing line over the water tray - by Tom Bedard (",) jan waterplay

A hands-on exploration of seeds {from Teach Preschool}

Exploring the seeds of fall in preschool

A hands-on exploration of seeds. Good trays I like how this is set up with the white paper and the magnifying glasses and the items above for the children to bring down into a space to observe clear of obstructions.

Beautiful ribbon butterflies #ribbon #craft

Lentes un lentītes (ribbon crafts) (no instructions but pretty self explanatory - simple, cute & fun)

Ribbons and hula hoops! Fun garden decoration #ribbon

Donna-we have a bunch of embroidery hoops and lots of ribbon. This could be a cool craft for our group. How to make a ribbon chandelier! (Hula hoop ribbon) party decor or in a kids room!this is so cool I'm gonna make this

Mirrors in Water Play via Roseann

Unbreakable mirrors and plastic transparent shapes/letters/numbers - cut up duotang covers

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