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Thai Chicken Noodle Soup

THAI CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP: Even if you don't have much chicken left over, you should still make this. A few shreds will be plenty. (And this recipe is worth bearing in mind even when your starting point is not leftover chicken: if you were to bung in some

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Forgotten Pudding

Forgotten Pudding: Whip egg whites as if making meringue, spread on a swiss roll tin and put in an oven which you immediately switch off, leaving the pudding to cook overnight, hence "forgotten".

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Chicken With Spring Onions, Chilli and Greek Yogurt

Lasagna - Nigella Lawson

QUICK CALABRIAN LASAGNE An unusual way to cook lasagna - the top layer looks top layer runkled like a Shar Pei made of pasta Full recipe from Nigella

ROQUAMOLE | Nigella Lawson


Roquamole: Although I have called this incredible dip roquamole, I think it may be better made with a less illustrious bleu. St Agur out of a wedge-shaped packet is the blue cheese I keep in the fridge so that I am ever-ready to make this.

BAKLAVA Nigella Lawson


Turkey: Baklava - This is so temple-achingly sweet that one small marked-out diamond, or maybe two, is enough. But even so, I love its perfumed sugariness - as much as I love the tender, rose-shot green of its equally fragrant interior.

Nigella Lawson Cupcakes


Cupcakes Recipe : Nigella Lawson : Food Network - The most delicious and easiest cupcake recipe!

Nigella Lawson

Last-Minute Holiday Guests? Nigella's Here To Help

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