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Clean Your Colon In Two Weeks. This Recipe Helps You In Removing 8 Kg Of Waste…

This drink helps the colon function properly. The colon is the final part of the large intestine. This serves several important functions in the body. It controls the water balance, aids digestion and helps to keep the immune system strong.

The Health Benefits of Cinnamon + Honey

The Health Benefits of Cinnamon. I LOOOVE cinnamon and honey together! I just take a slice of toasted bread. Spread little butter on it, drizzle honey, and pat some cinnamon on top. your own "french toast" that actually helps your body.

Para la infección de riñón

Bladder infection tip: cinnamon powder + honey in glass of warm water destroys germs in bladder

11 Most Natural Powerful Antibiotics

11 Most Natural Powerful Antibiotics. This isn't old wives tales, next time you get a cut or scratch put some honey on it and cover. I promise it'll heal in double time!