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"Steampunk Doll" by Andrey Sherstyuk in Showcase of Fashion Steampunk Photography. Replace the goggles with a chunky crystal necklace and hat a look it would make.


Don't want to post a lot of the steampunk clothes, but I am a fan of this picture, and the simplicity with just giving her the cane-sword. Love a cane-sword.


A Shrine Of Hollywood Dominion Jacket (Silver/Black). Luxurious, eye catching, and high quality, the perfect coat for a show stopping steampunk outfit.

Sexy Steampunk Burlesque Dancer/Pin-Up/Showgirl Costume - For costume tutorials, clothing guide, fashion inspiration photo gallery, calendar of Steampunk events, and more, visit

Sexy Steampunk Burlesque Dancer Clothing Steamgirl Stripped Down Sexy Steampunk…


Steam up your Halloween with these steampunk costume ideas for women and men.

LOVE Japanese and Steampunk influence!  Japanese Steampunk

Love the goggles and the awesome dreads. So so perfect! I hear Kit Stolen (the model) makes and sells falls similar to the ones in his hair. He also does scene & costume design.


Steampunk fashion Classic metal frame Aviator goggles, Victorian open blouse, multiple chains & jewelry, wears ivory crocheted wristlet gloves, & leather corset with a golden lion's head.

I wouldn't mind if I walked down the aisle and saw this waiting for me. Steam…

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