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several hands in a circle holding each other
South Carolina Teens Fight Racist Vandalism With Positive Message - Good News Network
After racist graffiti showed up outside a Rock Hill high school, three art students showed the town their true colors Monday afternoon painting a message of equality.
Leadership Skills, Racial Justice, Behavioral Therapy, Social Worker, Leadership Lessons, Social Work, Cultural Competence, Social Emotional
Race Matters: How to Talk Effectively About Race - SocialWork.Career
a painting with words on it that say, the world in which you were born is just one model of reality
Judaic Art -
Other cultures are not failed attempts at being you
four different types of shoes are shown in this graphic diagram, which shows the differences between them
Equality is everyone getting a pair of shoes. Diversity is everyone getting a different type of shoe. Equity is everyone getting a pair of shoes that fits. Acceptance is understanding we all wear different kinds of shoes. Belonging is wearing the shoes you want without fear of Judgment. - iFunny
many different types of paper cut into the shape of people's heads, all in various colors
We Can't Solve the Climate Crisis Unless Black Lives Matter
an info sheet showing the different types of food and how they are cooked in them
Patagonia Tours Travel, Chile, Argentina, Torres del Paine, Hiking - Cascada Expediciones
Hand Gestures -- a well meant gesture might just mean something other than what you intended!
an info sheet with different types of content
Independent Ideas Blog
a diagram with arrows pointing to different areas and the words in each circle are shown
About the Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion - College of Medicine
an iceberg is shown with the names of different types of things on it, including words and pictures
The Iceberg Model Of Culture
an advertisement with people in business attire and text that says, diversity & cultural awareness
Diversity Cartoon - ReadyToManage
word cloud with the words race culture in different languages, including one that says race culture
Difference Between Heritage and Culture
The two concepts may sound very similar to some people as they often mean the same thing, but they are different concepts used in a different context. Heritage relates to inheritance, meaning passing of the beliefs, objects and culture from one generation to the next, like a tradition. Culture is the way of life, knowledge, […] The post Difference Between Heritage and Culture first appeared on Difference Between.
the color chart for different countries
Colors Around The World By Culture Ahh! Perfect program idea for diversity! :)
an iceberg is shown with the words'the cultural iceberg '
Scavenger Hunt: Can we SEE Culture?
the cover of the book diversity, culture, and tolerance slogans is shown
List Of 350+ Brilliant Diversity, Culture, Tolerance Slogans
Cultural diversity is the quality of diverse or different cultures living peacefully. and Each Culture has pride in its Multicultural Living. We have Collected slogans that promote respect and tolerance towards other cultures all over the world. #slogans #diversity #tolerance #culture #diversityslogans #toleranceslogans #cultureslogans