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I'm thinking about building some new This OSD concept is a stunning inspiration, although I usually dislike OSD: ochre barn bedroom customized OSB furniture


Made from pressed tree chippings and resin, oriented strand board is strong and durable and makes a bold design statement. Photo by . Architecture by Carl Turner Architects .


BARNS ENNOBLED The main public space of the renovated Ochre Barn is broken up by a full-height OSB pod, which contains a bathroom and a u.

crazy osb

Hive Minded A large OSB structure with skylights, a bathroom, enclosed baby’s room, and master sleeping alcove dominates Ryan and Showalter’s Brooklyn loft. Photo by: Jesse Chehak Photo by Jesse Chehak. This originally appeared in Hive Minded.


Architect Ben Edwards has taken a material usually seen as cheap and dispensible – OSB – and made graphic use of it throughout his home.


Camouflage Armchair by Emiliano Godoy 04 The Engraving Armchair by Emiliano Godoy