Soda can pull tabs - I am so glad that these are no longer being used. If you weren't careful, you'd cut your finger.

11 "Modern Antiques" Kids Today Have Never Seen

Pull tabs from soft drink cans.I remember when sodas had these pull tabs. They were so sharp and dangerous!

I loved this toy!

Who didn't have a Spirograph? --- I still like spirograph toys.

I wish I still had mine.

Etsy Transaction - never-opened vintage red five-year diary with lock and two keys

Crochet Toilet Roll Cover doll - oh how i hated these things!

Handmade toilet paper roll covers Grandma Troutman had these in the bathroom and i used to love playing with them!

haha..I remember these!

Retro Swim Cap- I hated to wear mine. I had long hair and it was hard to stuff it all under the cap

Blue Mascara, loved it.

This was the first make up product I ever wore/owned. I guess my obsession started with this. I used to then wear this to school with blue eyeliner and blue eyeshadow from Avon.

they never smelled quite right but we loved them anyway ...

Scratch N sniff I had a special book for my scratch and sniff sticker collection. My friends and I would by sheets of these smelly stickers and swap them with one another. The highlight of a Monday at school was showing off the newest addition to an ever-

Carpet Sweepers

Carpet Sweepers Have one sitting in my laundry room at this moment - some things are good forever!