Catherine Fleming

Catherine Fleming

Catherine Fleming
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Juke Box Jury

TV Shows We Used To Watch - BBC Juke Box Jury -- Anthony Sargeant remembers it well - chaired by David Jacobs and on this panel Frankie Vaughan and Pete Murray


-want to learn French so I can watch my French movies without the subtitles one day! also come in handy if I ever go there again, right? at a glance guide to french words and phrases by joliejolie design

Vous souhaitez apprendre comment dire au revoir en anglais ? Avez-vous pensé à effectuer un séjour linguistique ? More

Saying good-bye in French. Because it is no good to repeat the same thing the other person said. The French hate repetition.

Crash Course in French

I made you an infographic that gathers all the essential information you need when you don't know any French but still want to be able to get around without any trouble. It will cover common phrases like ordering a meal or asking for directions.