The Abyss Table - Duffy London

By using layers of wood and glass, London based designer Christopher Duffy came up with this beautiful Abyss Table that looks like the ocean depths. With a simple idea, Duffy managed to mix two major trends in current design and fin.

Vessel - Portfolio - Splinter Works

If you've ever lounged in a hammock and wished it doubled as a bathtub, Vessel by Splinter Works should probably be your next bathroom addition. While the shallow tub doesn't look like something meant for full body submersion, the attractive hammock

My Fotolog

an amazing photo through this beautiful portal , three wise men maybe?

Shell Stool Jake Phipps Furniture Art

Imagine your man-cave outfitted with seats fashioned as ammunition. Designer Jake Phipps created the Shell Stool to provide a


Designer Joseph Begley created some cheeky butt-shaped lights that let you squeeze, pinch, or slap your way to having them light up with a warm color.

Gamme CristalBubble

Gamme CristalBubble - full scale camping hotel, ensuring visitors feel pampered while getting the best views possible. Also, has built-in curtain to ensure what happens in the bubble, stays in the bubble.

Cocoon Fireplaces

Cocoon Fires Aeris Black Fireplace - Style # cfabaeris, Contemporary and Modern Fireplace Equipment

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