1970's biscuits! Jammy Dodger, Bourbon, Pink wafer, Custard Cream and a party ring.

Biscuits in a line. Joël Penkman Top to Bottom: Jammy Dodger Bourbon Pink Wafer Custard Cream Iced Ring

Fine Art by Joël Penkman. From top to bottoms: "Blancmange," egg tempura on gesso board, 7in X 7in; "Fabs," egg tempura on gesso board, 18in X 24in; "Doughnut Dozen," egg tempura on gesso board, 18in X 24in; "Happy Birthday," egg tempura on gesso board, 19in X 19in. This is another great example of the realism that can be achieved in depicting food. The artist uses various foods as the subject of simple still life paintings. I think that the clean backgrounds are very effective because they…

joël penkman (on my birthday) (The Jealous Curator)

Commissioned work - joelpenkman

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Joel Penkman, milkshake

Five Dollar Shake. By JoelPenkman. This makes me want an old-fashioned milkshake