1970's biscuits! Jammy Dodger, Bourbon, Pink wafer, Custard Cream and a party ring.

Biscuits in a line. Joël Penkman Top to Bottom: Jammy Dodger Bourbon Pink Wafer Custard Cream Iced Ring

Fine Art by Joël Penkman. From top to bottoms: "Blancmange," egg tempura on gesso board, 7in X 7in; "Fabs," egg tempura on gesso board, 18in X 24in; "Doughnut Dozen," egg tempura on gesso board, 18in X 24in; "Happy Birthday," egg tempura on gesso board, 19in X 19in. This is another great example of the realism that can be achieved in depicting food. The artist uses various foods as the subject of simple still life paintings. I think that the clean backgrounds are very effective because they…

joël penkman (on my birthday) (The Jealous Curator)

Sweets - joelpenkman

Joel Penkman was born in 1979 in New Zealand. One of Penkman’s main inspirations is Wayne Thiebaud.

Commissioned work - joelpenkman

Eat Me from artist Joël Penkman. She has an interesting painting technique, using egg tempera as her medium, tediously grinding her own paints and making her own gesso, the classic priming for Renaissance-style fine art

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