Shadows, Venice

Conversation: I love the orange and shadow. I can imagine this inside a garden with an eclectic mix of colors and urns.

Untitled, undated - Ernst Haas

Ernst Haas ~ Self Portrait Ernst Haas (March Vienna – September New York) was an Austrian artist and influential ph.

New York (c 1978) | Photographer: Ernst Haas

Ernst Haas brought the post-war world to life with his pioneering colour film work...

New York (c Photographer: Ernst Haas --- I love this shot because of the colours and atmosphere i presents. The fact the foreground is blurred and the background is in focus also makes me feel like i'm there in the scene, standing to cross the roa

Composição: perspetiva e linhas - Ernst Haas - New York

by Ernst Haas. Here, as so often, he controls and balances space not so much theatrically, as magically (SJ).

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