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Wholesome Overwatch Moments and Memes

My brother did this once, but it was actually really funny. He started repairing his turret, but he was getting shot, so he took a step back (behind a building) and kept killing people

Genji x Mercy. I'm still trying to decide if i prefer this or 76 x Mercy.

Welcome to the Gency Library! Gency is the pairing for Genji/Mercy Here you can find anything Gency related from Fanfiction to Fanart.

huuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaacaaaaaa look at that badass suit jezzss and that mottafkng katana Overwatch - Genji Reference Guide

This Japanese ninja warrior used his sword and his speed to get the upper hand in battle. Unlike other heroes, he uses his ninja stars instead of a gun.