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the top tips for how to help your little one on their balance bike read more at kiddimoto co uk
Top Tips for how to help your little one on their balance bike
a young boy riding a bike down a dirt road next to a tree with the words 5 tips for new balance bikers
5 Quick Tips for New Balance Bikers by Wild Tales of… - BonBon Break
5 Tips for New Balance Bikers - Wild Tales Of
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How to ride a balance bike in 5 easy steps” to help get everything sorted
a young child sitting on top of a stone wall with the words kiddimooto how do your ride balance bikes when there are no pedals?
A perfect way to start off your child's cycling adventure
Figuring out how to ride a bike is considered to be one of the best exercises of childhood. ♥️🚲 Balance bikes are the easiest way to teach children to balance before advancing to a pedal bike. Instead of using stabilizers, they get to start maneuvering, steering, and stopping!
a young boy riding a scooter with the words health benefits of balance bikes
Top Health Benefits of Balance Bikes
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Keep The Children Safe Cycling This Winter
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Why helmets are so important
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This kiddimoto glove is a lit. Match your gloves to your helmet
a child on a bicycle with the words tips for how to help your little one on their balance bike
Tips for how to help your little one on their balance bike
Here are some tips for making the most of your balance bike days- please don’t give up too soon as it truly is the easiest way to learn to ride a bike and you WILL find your young one able to pedal confidently that much sooner. Balance bike riders develop bike handling and turning skills that will serve them well on pedal bikes, unlike training wheels, and balance bikes allow little people to explore terrain that is more difficult than would otherwise be possible on a pedal bike.
two children on bikes with the words how to ride a balance bike
How to Ride a Balance Bike
It’s all about balance! The earlier children are riding bicycles, the earlier they can find a world of independence, freedom and mobility. They can get out for rides with their parents, siblings and friends. Not only does this expand their learning, it encourages physical activity and movement, which promotes a positive and healthy lifestyle. All of this learning, activity, and adventure build lifelong skills and habits, which are all positive for healthy bodies and minds later in life.