a little boy riding a small bike on the street with words trade show and kiddimoto balance
Trade Show Has Begun
The Trade Show has started now! So, what are you waiting for?? Experience Kiddimoto’s Bike Balance! Don’t miss it! 🎄🎄 4th-12th December 🎄🎄 #Tradeshow #tradeshowlife #tradeshowexhibits #tradeshowtalent #tradeshowmodels #tradeshowseason #tradeshowmarketing
a red and black toy bike on a white background
Kiddimoto Carl Fogarty Licensed Replica Balance Bike | Kiddimoto Heroes
Carl Fogarty Wooden Balance Bike - Carl Fogarty is a much-loved British bike racing legend and TV personality. Give your child the genuine Foggy look with this stunning wooden balance bike. Suitable for ages 2-5.
an advertisement for a trade show with kids on motorcycles and people in the background looking at them
One day to go!
Heard about the Trade Show? It is starting tomorrow. Go and grab the opportunity to experience the Kiddimoto’s Bike Balance! Starts from 4th till 12th of December. #Tradeshow #tradeshowlife #tradeshowexhibits #tradeshowtalent #tradeshowmodels #tradeshowseason #tradeshowmarketing
a poster for a kid's motorcycle show with two young boys on the bike
Trade Show
Attention peeps! Introducing the Trade Show from 4-12 December 2021. Presenting Kiddimoto's Balance Bike Experience for the younger guests. Don't miss it. Only 2 Days to go! #Tradeshow #tradeshowlife #tradeshowexhibits #tradeshowtalent #tradeshowmodels #tradeshowseason #tradeshowmarketing