Kids Outdoor Music Wall

Filth Wizardry: Music Wall (R. Music Tree) Great way to integrate found objects into works of art and music!

Outdoor music wall for kids

Outdoor Music Wall I'm a Teacher Get Me Outside Here Juliet shows us how one preschool added a music wall to their outdoor environment.

Doesn't take much!

Tubular (cardboard) bells!

Here you are currently watching the result of your DIY Musical Instruments Crafts for Kids. Kids like these DIY Crafts Ideas for Kids.

More homemade music!

outdoor music play idea: parts of xylophone, drum, wind chimes, boom wackers.

Love the imagination and initiative of home made music!

A Creative Yard for Learning & Play — My Great Outdoors

musical scale banging bowls (banging bowls is great, banging bowls outside is even better ;-)

"Can Metal Bowls Touch Your Soul?" How has a Montessori child-centered experience affected you!

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