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Kinder Garden: Period or Question Mark?

Make sentences without the punctuation marks and kids have to decide whether it needs a question mark or full stop. Could also add exclamation sentences.

Identity crisis? No, I'm a primary school teacher!: No full stops? ... call the police!

Getting children to use full stops in their writing is something that pretty much every teacher struggles with. Using them correctly seems t.

Learning Shapes With Toy Cars activity for preschoolers and toddlers! Simple DIY educational activity

The manipulative for this weeks is small toys. I couldn& resist making a play activity based on Adam& favourite small toy of all time - the toy car! As we have very few shape adventures I decided to create a Learning Shapes With Toy Cars activity.

Jessie's Resources: Have you filled a bucket today?

The bucket filler board is a must! The kids can fill a bucket ANY time they want to! Every Friday, they check their buckets to find the kind words others have left for them to read. Also goes along with the book, 'Have You Filled a Bucket Today?

10 FREE Inspirational Quotes Classroom Posters (8.5 x 11)!

FREE Inspiring Classroom Posters~ With a color printer and some x paper, these cute posters can be on your classroom walls in no time! A cute resource from Jason's Online Classroom.

Picasso warm/ cool portrait project

goood art lesson and exercise ;) Picasso warm/ cool portrait project This may be a good alternative assignment to the college assignment that I was thinking about. It would be teaching warm and cool colors as well as Picasso.