Sunken bed.

bed interior design floor bed bedroom furniture interior design sunken bed into floor hidden heating and storage space architecture

This example of typography is very effective as the artist has played with the letters of the world to form an image of this word, this allows people to explore the image in more detail and depth and creates a greater understanding of the image.

*Calligraphy - At first glance it is simply just a cat and mouse facing each other. However, once you take a closer look you can see that within the body of the mouse the letters spell out mouse and the same goes for the cat.


Russ Noto - the difference of spirituality, and talking about spirituality. You shouldn't have to tell people you are spiritual --- they will know.

Designspiration — art life

I love this drawing! for me its like how girls want to gig so skinny they start looking like bones when their already beautiful

Master and padawan by Tulio Fagim, via Behance

Master and padawan by Tulio Fagim, via Behance.I need a print for our movie room

Gives me an idea for a multi faceted ceramic piece, possibly make the piece small enough for a necklace

Mineral Admiration: Watercolor Paintings of Crystals by Karina Eibatova

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