The Best Christmas Fragrance- Orange and clove. This is one of my favorite things to do during the holidays and it smells great.

Christmas Oranges with Cloves- makes the house smell great! I think I'll let Pip make clove oranges for the holidays.

I think this is such a cute idea. Just an old ladder, a few boards, and a little paint! Would be a great idea to display a Christmas village!

Ladder Christmas Tree - Love this idea. Put planks across the ladder rungs for the shelves and decorate your way. Simplistic but eye catching --- Love it!

Pink Christmas

Bring in a white tree.real or fake.and decorate with one pop of color. This would be so pretty with "Frozen" blue ornaments and white lights.

Simply perfect

a perfect Christmas tree growing naturally in the forest.if I lived near by, I'd love to decorate wit bird seed, suet, nuts & berries for the animals to have a Merry Christmas!

pink snowmen

Snow woman that was built a couple years ago by Cindy Cobb.her name is Snow Boa Babe. I LOVE the pink boa!