A fairground, Lowry

Lowry painting no-one knew about set to fetch £1m at auction

LS Lowry self portrait 1887 -1976 Lowry was born in Manchester and worked as a clerk and studied art at night school. His paintings in a deliberately childish 'matchstick figure' style portray people and their everyday activities in the industrial city of Salford where Lowry spent most of his life

Laurence Stephen Lowry (LS Lowry) - Self Portrait, 1925 Lowry was born in Manchester, worked as a clerk and studied art at night school.

Visited a Lowry exhibition at the weekend and have a new respect and admiration for his beautiful paintings. This portrait is called "The Manchester Man".

This portrait really stood out in the brilliant Lowry exhibition at Lakeside recently

Childrens Playground, by LS Lowry

Childrens Playground Art Print by L S Lowry at King & McGaw. I like this print because it is playful. The children are wearing nice fall colors as well.

Albion Mill 1941 (Oil on board)

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