Topic Planning - before launching into a topic we like to sit around our floor book and find out what the kids know about the topic and other ideas they have and things they might like to do in class. We are still at the ealry stages of tis as they are only 3 years, but its amazing how much we can take from the kids. On the other page we document what we have done, the kids stick in the pictures and we talk about what they did, I scribe for them.

Using a Floorbook to document children's existing ideas and knowledge about a topic

You Be You Learning Journey and floor books.

I like the idea of a learning journey. Shows the students and parents what was taught and learned throughout time in school

Our Midtown Marvel: Thinking & Talking (and doing) FLOOR BOOKS

At Caring Connection we have designed our curriculum so that children are an integral part of adding their ideas and input into what w.

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