Judy Garland

The beauty of vintage Hollywood hairstyles is a timeless inspiration. Enjoy these photos of glamorous Hollywood icons and their unforgettable style!

The lone ranger

Bucket List: dress up like the Lone Ranger. because it's perfectly normal for a girl my age to want to dress up as a cowboy from a tv show that my grandparents watched.

Audrey Hepburn (Breakfast at Tiffany's B)

Film posters - Audrey Hepburn posters - Audrey Hepburn Breakfast At Tiffanys poster featuring the famous image from Breakfast At Tiffanys with Audrey Hepburn and Cigarello. Officially licensed Audrey Hepburn Breakfast At Tiffanys poster

Sidney Poitier

Sidney Poitier, age in a publicity photo for the film Blackboard Jungle. The film was an international success. Poitier's portrayal of a troubled high school student was a turning point in his career.

Grace Kelly

Dedicated to Grace Patricia Kelly Grimaldi American actress and Princess consort of Monaco, and her family

Enter The Dragon 1973

When I was younger, I must admit I knew very little about Bruce Lee. Karate and Kung Fu were the martial arts that I dreamed about, not Jeet Kune Do (“The Way of The Intercepting Fist”).