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You can take DV to water.. but you cant stop him from choking you

'Darth Vader' from the Star Wars series, attempts to ease the current environmental change in a pathetic gesture using a Brita Water filter to purify the Black Sea. The sea fluctuates betwe.


Hasn't Star Wars been analyzed/beaten to death? Yes but we here at DAPS haven't seen the internets favorite mammals, cats, photoshopped into famous Star Wars scenes. Plus, it just makes us laugh and laugh.

Nice outfit :D

Female Stormtrooper Armor and Darth Vader costume As seen in the AJC Atlanta Photo by Joey Ivansco Models: Sithvixen [link] Femtrooper 5

The Geek Zodiak

Who needs the regular zodiac charts when you have one specially made for geeks. Which sign of the geek zodiac are you? Are you a Treasure Hunter, a Wizard, a Pirate, or maybe even a Time Traveler? Check the chart to find your sign!