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Well he must of had some interesting classes lol

it's totally normal clearly obviously that teacher is dealing with the supernatural fandom ( which i am proud to be a part of)

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Funny pictures about When The Tickle Monster Attacks. Oh, and cool pics about When The Tickle Monster Attacks. Also, When The Tickle Monster Attacks photos.


This is true friendship XD I can't believe he went all the way to the other guys house for some milk

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The Signs - Wants & Needs (aries, Gemini, & Sagittarius are the 2 people closest to me & myself, & I find them to be scary true!


Virgos tend to know a lot of things, and of the time they're right. They will argue with you until they get the very last word.

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Virgo - certain Virgo facial expressions are silent ways of telling you that you sound like an idiot