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kirstie macfarlane
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The student will describe the work that people do This is an idea to teach children about how retail works. Setting up a grocery store in the classroom to help the students learn what the cashiers do for their job.


White subway tile, carrera step strip and countertop, grey floor tile, white walls and white bathroom vanity

I'm a little torn on this! I kinda love it, but not sure????

Love this for a shower/tub combo although my space may not be wide enough to change direction of tube. Perhaps better for Master bathroom.

Stone pavers to stone planters

CEMENT PAVER PLANTER BOXES: All you need are a few - pavers, - landscape-block adhesive, and a little time. Wait 24 hours for everything to cure and you're ready to move your new planters into place and fill them with dirt and greenery. -tZapE923iP8 T4dmgtiIUKI AAAAAAAAANo Fg1mXPL6muE s1600 P1000254+%282%29.JPG

The Teaching Thief: Art + Math = Fractional Me great activity to incorporate both art and math fractions

Finger Gym - make a snowflake with loose parts.

Snowflakes in the Finger Gym! Make a snowflake with loose parts. Invite predictions: If we close or open the mirrors some, will we see more or fewer images?

Tips for hanging wall art | Bedroom makeover | Vintage gallery wall by Hollly at Lifestyle Avenue

Also I'd love this bedside table🌹 from IKEA I can afford this, also the photo frames arranged like that, are beautiful. I'll put photos of friends in there 👭👼🏼 Beautiful Amsterdam bedroom make-over and tips for a great night sleep