Preschool Construction & Sculpture Activities: Construct a Kid Size Cardboard Castle

Construct a Kid Size Cardboard Castle

Castle chandelier

Julia: This castle non electric chandelier can be used in scene 2 at Helga's inn. We could put battery charged lights below the tissue paper, in the tinfoil cup to make it useful. This is fitting because these were popular in the medieval times.

easy dressup idea for dramatic play someday

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crowns with tulle trains//great for princess-y little girls. Could be a fun party idea. Princesses and Princes

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The Viking Longhouse of Norway. Only a few Vikings lived in towns. Most of them lived in the countryside in Longhouses. The longhouse had usually one large room. The walls were made of wood, and the roof was covered with turf. You can find Longhouses in several districts in Norway, from south to the north of the country.

The Vikings lived in long houses; warriors, women, children, slaves, and cattle all together. Mystery of History Volume Lesson 40