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I Lost My Child Today by Netta Wilson

I lost my child today. Losing a child is an emotional hell that you live Everyday! Only God and those who have had the same loss will ever truly understand.

Pick a number between 1 and 30…****This actually works! I picked 27!! Lol wow

Pick number game: It Works Every Time.> but there's a 31 and it told me to pick a number between 1 & 31 :O

I can't believe it's been 6 years since I lost you and other times it feels like an eternity. I love and miss you so much there is hurt and emptiness in my heart. Just know I think about you everyday and I miss you in a terrible way! Love you dad!

So true...

To my angel in heaven, my son Robert.September 2002 - November 2014 ❤️ I love and miss you

What if you love me back? What if I reside in your heart too? What if this is all in my head? What if I never met you? What if. What if you love me back?