Duck Pond Water Play~Great Sensory Activity for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Duck Pond Sensory Play

Duck Pond Sensory Play - Fantastic Fun & Learning Duck Pond Water Play~Great Sensory Activity for Toddlers and Preschoolers If you absolutely love arts and crafts you will really like this cool site!

Playdough.....pasta.....pots......child-led learning.

Posting pasta through holes! Now that takes some careful hand to eye coordination, so that the pasta doesn't snap!

Troll Bath Time Lovely bubbly fun. We had foam shampoo and lots of lovely…

Tuff Spot Tuesday time again. With the warmer weather upon us it is the chance to take your Tuff Spot outside and share your Water Tuff Spot activities.

Birthday Cake Scented Cloud Dough! Such a fun sensory experience, especially for little ones getting ready to celebrate their birthday!

Birthday Cake Scented Cloud Dough

Post by Contributing Writer Amy You will want to make real cupcakes to eat after playing with this cloud dough because it smells so good!

G is for Gravity Tuff Spot Gravity Tuff Spot Stand |

Gravity Tuff Spot

Today's activity as part of our Tuff Spot A-Z Challenge was initiated by Adam playing with our Tuff Spot Stand. G is for Gravity Tuff Spot activity was

Gardening Tuff Spot to compliment spring / gardening / growing topic. Let children explore planting their own seeds in this messy outdoor play tuff tray.

I’d been planning a Growing Tuff Spot activity for ages – unfortunately the weather had not been on our side but at least I’d had the opportunity to collect various garden pots

3 Princesses and 1 Dude!: Activity Time. Play Dough Butterflies Creation Station

The monsters are currently crazy for butterflies, so we have had a jiggle around of our plans for my toddler learns and our after school mat.