Learn through play with Sight Word Hopscotch (change to suit your learning needs - letters, numbers, vocabulary, colors, etc) Get kids active, outdoors & learning!

Learn through play with Sight Word Hopscotch. Take learning outdoors - get physical, work on gross motor skills, have fun and learn along the way! Great idea for summer school

Outdoor mark-making trolley (",)

Art Wagon for kids - sidewalk chalk, art supplies etc.

Spider man counting in 2s and spider web tough spot, fine motor skills eyfs reception

Spider man counting in and spider web tough spot, fine motor skills eyfs reception

Laser beam superhero challenge. Can you go under and over the laser beams and save the teddy from the baddies?

Part of the ideal outdoor classroom.spatial skills, personal negotiations, physical control, hand eye coordination, understanding of connections for the string.so many possibilities!

"Ten Green Bottles" Early Years Counting and Singing activity.

"Ten Green Bottles" Early Years counting and singing activity. It makes far more sense to re-cycle green plastic bottles than to try and painting bottles green.

Always good to find something different to do with a Tuff Spot. Great for motor skills and also talking about textures and materials. (missamyp)

Tough spot weaving- develops gross and fine motor skills, problem solving, pattern creation, concentration skills

Using the smaller blocks

Phonics with crates.

Sense of hearing activities and sensory play | BabyCentre Blog

Don't ring the bells Christmas obstacle course! Your children will love this fabulous obstacle course and listening game - just be sure not to ring those bells!

Water sprayer and skittle game.

Skittles - bottles filled with water numbers attached create a sum

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