How to Make a Fan Fort

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Awesome kid fort idea: king size duvet cover plus exhaust fan facing into duvet cover=awesome fort. Or use a king size bottom sheet over a queen size bed and face fan inwards. Great hot summer night idea for kiddos.

Tiled conservatory- nice traditional look and good mix of open and " solid"

There's now a new option to the Everest conservatory line: tiled roof extensions. These allow larger, customised conservatories

onto decking

Glass conservatory extensions from Apropos - transforming your kitchen into a wonderful family area, creating warmth, space and light.

Glass Rooflights | Bespoke & Contemporary Skylights | Apropos Conservatories

From dark and gloomy to light and airy, the addition of a glazed roof light is all that is needed to bring a new lease of life to living or working space >>

Bi-Folding doors that don't have too many panes - and lovely warm oak

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