enchantedengland: This is in Norfolk, a large, mostly rural eastern county in England that bulges out into the North Sea. Norfolk is notable for the Broads (a network of mostly navigable rivers in Norfolk and Suffolk), the historic city of Norwich, and the Queen’s residence at Sandringham House in Sandringham, amongst other attractions.

Creepy gothic church ruin in Norfolk, England “Local myth has it that the nun who lived here was a witch with a wooden leg. After she died and was buried in the church, this tree began to grow from her grave, having sprouted from the wooden leg!” (by.

Christmas Markets ~  Norwich, England

My nana says gran gran would bring her flowers from this market every Saturday when they were first married / Christmas Markets ~ Norwich, England

~ Royal Arcade ~ Norwich ~ England ~ life without malls is nicer ~

England Travel Inspiration - The Royal Arcade in Norwich.A beautiful Arcade.

Finding the Secret Garden - Norwich, England

Finding the Secret Garden - Norwich, England.lovely place that is very gothic.found by a group of keen gardeners in late & taking years to bring back to life it really is a beautiful place.the fountain is gorgeous

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