Floor Installations made with tape by Jim Lambie

Stunning Geometric Tape Floor Installations by Jim Lambie With regular vinyl tape, Glasgow-based artist Jim Lambie transforms any given space into a colorful, mesmerizing landscape that often create optical illusions.

cool window display // face

Clever window display if you have dark-tinted windows, or if your shop is set far back from the road and displays are useless. Make a face! Switch it out for the seasons. Have fun with it, and people will remember your shop.


Prior to opening dedicated retail stores, the brand is experimenting with interactive store windows and same day delivery.


Swedish retail concept Monki - their City of Oil and Steel; recently featured Fabricville, the home of Monki’s intrepid designers – Electric Dreams.

sarah parker british fashion council 5

Sarah Parker’s London Menswear Ads

black and white circles and dashes instead. British Fashion Council Menswear London Collections for GQ by Sarah Parker and Sam Hofman.

Anthropologie window displays visual merchandising

Book pages. use my piano rolls for top window treatment (nbl) SUE! These are the piano rolls I was telling you about!

Selfridges breathing window by Studio Souffle, London

30 winning retail window displays: Selfridges breathing window by Studio Souffle, London

Dolce & Gabbana windows displays

Dolce & Gabbana windows - I love the look of old gilted bird cages. I was sent hunting for these in antique shops in Dublin once!