Chocolate Salted Caramel Pavlova.

Chocolate Pavlova with Salted Caramel Sauce

These Chocolate Salted Caramel Pavlovas are dirty, x-rated food. Sometimes you just need some smut in your life.

Easter lemon pavlova

Easter Lemon Pavlova - If you’re looking for something different for an Easter dessert, this stunning pavlova from Mary Berry should do the trick: lemon curd pavolva topped with mini-mounds of meringue and chocolate eggs

Day 9 - Toffee Pecan Roulade

Day 9 – Toffee Pecan Roulade

Pecan and Maple Meringue Roulade - Woman And Home

Pecan and Maple Meringue Roulade Recipe

❥ Pecan Maple Meringue Roulade~ Light-as-air and a perfect festive desert which you can make a day in advance.

Sticky toffee pavlova recipe

Sticky toffee pavlova recipe

Cappuccino pavlova

I have long been a pavaholic but this is my first venture into a fruit-free version. The instant espresso powder (do not use regular instant coffee granules) gives bitter oomph to the sweet, marshmallowy meringue.

Pecan and Toffee Roulade

Pecan and Toffee Roulade