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a painting of a little fairy sitting in the middle of flowers with her wings outstretched
Babe in the Woods Poster by Robin Pushe'e
a woman dressed as a fairy standing in the water
Beauty to Me
a fairy figurine sitting on top of a tea cup
Hada contenta. - IMAGENES GRATIS
a fairy sitting on top of lily pads
Redhead Gifts & Merchandise for Sale
a painting of a fairy sitting on top of a flowery plant with her arms outstretched
11x14 "Tinker Bell" print — Gallery Gerard
a painting of a fairy sitting on the edge of a pond
JannaFairyArt - Professional, Traditional Artist | DeviantArt
a painting of a woman with flowers on her body and wings, holding a branch
a painting of a fairy sitting on top of a rock in the woods with her hands under her chin
Arantza Sestayo, 1964 | Fantasy painter
two girls are standing next to each other in front of an intricate background with flowers
The Dark Crystal
an angel surrounded by mushrooms and other creatures is depicted in this surrealistic painting, which appears to be painted on canvas
Brian Froud Photo: Brian Froud art