Steak, 6 oz – 42 grams

Omaha Steaks The Gourmet Steak Sampler, The perfect gift or a great way to sample Omaha Steaks Filet Mignons, Boneless Strips and T-Bone Steaks .our Gourmet Steak Sampler has just what you're looking for.

Hard cheeses (Parmesan) – 10 grams per oz

Hard cheeses (Parmesan) – 10 grams per oz

Cottage cheese, ½ cup - 15 grams

Cottage Cheese recipes - zucchini frittata, muffins, mac and cheese, cheesecake, and more!

Tuna, 6 oz can - 40 grams of protein

Canned Tuna "People don't think of tuna as a snack, but an individual can of tuna is 90 calories," Gans says. She recommends snacking on tuna with some crispbreads, topped with some mustard or hummus.

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