Troll Bath Time Lovely bubbly fun. We had foam shampoo and lots of lovely coloured potions! A few spray bottles, sponges, puffs etc. And just for fun, we added some strawberry scent to the water. The trolls clothes needed a wash to, so after a good scrub and swish around in the lovely bubbles, we hung the washing on our tiny troll sized line. We'll doing this one again! - Roman says tomorrow!

Tuff Spot Tuesday time again. With the warmer weather upon us it is the chance to take your Tuff Spot outside and share your Water Tuff Spot activities.

A fun printing activity with toy trains!

Train Track Prints

Cold, wobbly, sparkly Snow Gel; a wonderfully rich Winter sensory play experience.

Snow Gel

a wonderfully rich Winter sensory play experience for kids.Tap the link to check out great fidgets and sensory toys. Happy Hands make Happy People!

Adventures of Adam DIY Tuff Spot Mats Adventures of Adam

Make your own Tuff Spot Mats

DIY Tuff Spot Mats - quick and easy creation of tuff spot or play tray that will make clean up easier and can add extra dimension to play.