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William Hogarth - Beer Street, Naturally, Britons who drank good english beer over that Dutch import gin led productive lives (England and Holland were old rivals; there had been three Anglo-Dutch Wars by and the fourth lasted from KA

NOTHING BEATS William Hogarth's "Morning after the Wedding," part of his Marriage a la Mode, an attack on fashionable marriage of convenience.

Marriage à-la-mode: The Tête à Tête by William Hogarth, 1743

Southwark Fair by William Hogarth

On display now at the Cuming Museum in the old Town Hall on Walworth Road is an exhibition featuring famous works by William Hogarth.

Tate Gallery article on William Hogarth Marriage A-la Mode, including 98. The Tête à Tête, from Marriage à la Mode. William Hogarth. c. 1743 C.E. Oil on canvas.

Journey Theme William Hogarth Marriage A-la Mode: The Marriage Settlement 1745

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