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Fold Flat workbench ..this would be great for our yearly Christmas gatherings we have in the garage ...

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Birch branches as supports for shelves. (I should really probably start to worry about how many times I pin lovely bookshelves, right?)

12 Unique DIY Projects Featuring Birch Wood

Birch is a hardwood tree and its wood is fine-grained and pale in color which makes it very attractive because of the satin-like sheen. Birch wood can be used for a variety of different projects and some of them are very simple. Here are a few DIY projects that you might like to explore. Wood...

Love this shed.  Need some creative space.

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Jag har ju hintat om den här lampan ett tag, och nu tänkte jag presentera den. Det är alltså en 2 meter grå linnekabel, sockel och rör i mässing med patina. Som jag gillar det med andra ord. Den finns

DIY::Pallet Top Desk Tutorial

Pallet Desk - Thistlewood Farm

Here's an easy way to repurpose and reuse old pallets. Add a pallet top to a table base for an easy desk project. Make a pallet desk from pallet wood.

i will own a tiny white shed, all for me, and it will have a sewing machine and nice bits and bobs and all sorts of interestingness that can keep me occupied for hours. i

artemis' shed

.There is someone coming to take some photos of my shed this week, so, I realised i might need to tidy it up a bit. Then i remembered that i had not painted the floor properly in the beginning {I just slapped on some emulsion and then walked on it before it dried, leaving a grubby footprint, doh} So i decided to empty my entire shed contents into the garden and paint the floor. I should have taken photos of this because you will not believe the amount of stuff that came out of a 4 x 6ft…


A Library of Design

BEAUTIFUL BOOKS This time of year is the height of book season, as publishers release their pick titles for Christmas. Here are a few beautiful ones to bookmark for your Wish List.

Camera Obscura - in a room

Camera Obscura - in a room

camera obscura


The camera obscura – meaning ‘Camera’ from Latin, locked chamber and ‘Obscura’ meaning Dark, is exactly that, a darkened chamber. A small hole allowing bright light wa…